Follow Up Your Acne Skin Treatment With Proper Acne Skin Care

Acne is a broad term. It covers blackheads, blemishes, whiteheads and pimples. These facial skin problems usually appear on teenagers and common to the puberty stage.

There are many ways to avoid acne in the first place. There are ways and tips to prevent having them. First, if you have a pimple on your face, do not pop them. If you pop them, make sure you clean the area with clean cotton to avoid irritation than may cause a bigger problem. But, I will not suggest popping it, because it will leave a scar on your face.

To avoid acne, always remember to wash your face two to three times a day. Remove make-up or anything that was applied on your face. Make-ups clog your pores, making them dirty and will cause a spot.

To those who have a sensitive skin type, you can use mild soap. There are soaps that are designed for acne-prone skin, or for those who have oily skin. People who have oily skin are prone to acne. You can also use an anti-bacterial soap because it is mild and will not make your acne worse. Eat lots of fruits like lemons, oranges and any citruses. It will make your skin smooth and soft. Some people are even applying them on their faces for better results.

Exfoliating regularly can help you remove dead skin cells. A gentle scrub on your face using natural exfoliating ingredient will give you a healthy glow. Remember, do not over exfoliate your skin, it can cause acne due to irritation. Instead of rubbing your skin, pat it dry, because rubbing can also cause irritation. I do not use any products on my face. I just wash it with water and pat it dry not rubbing it because I know how sensitive my skin is.

Bacteria is one of the causes of acne, you can use a good toner to remove it. Always use a clean cotton or cloth when using a toner.

Having a regular sleep also helps us reduce acne. It can prevent unwanted spots, because having enough sleep helps your skin get the relaxation it really needs. Drink lots of liquid, any liquid will do but, water is the best one to refresh our inner body and cleanse our blood. Liquids are good ways to cleanse our entire system and it has proven to provide acne free skin not only on our faces but all over our body. And do not ever stress yourself so much. Take a rest and many sleep. Always change your pillow cases as well because bacteria build up may take place on them.

Remember that, medication can cause a bigger problem if not used in a proper way or if we do not follow the right application of the product. Ask a doctor for an advice before putting any products on your face. If the product fails and irritates your skin, call a doctor right away to avoid more serious irritation that can lead to further infections.


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