What Are The Top 10 Acne Treatments?

We've had a number of emails asking us what the best acne treatments are. And the answer is it really depends on the severity of your condition. Some very mild cases will go away on their own, more severe cases might require surgical procedures. So what we decided to do was take a poll of all of our visitors, and come up with the top 10 acne treatments, in order of popularity and effectiveness.

So without further ado, your top 10 list of acne treatments:

1. ClearPores - an all natural treatment featuring a 3-step cleansing system.

2. Acnezine - an antioxidant supplement that can reduce oil buildup

3. Clearasil - we've all seen the commercials; a topical cream that dries out skin

4. Oxy - similar to Clearasil

5. Phisoderm, a topical cleanser

6. ZitZapper - a mechanical device

7. Acne Be Gone - a low quality lotion

8. Pimplerid - another low-grade solution

9. Laser Surgery - a dreaded procedure

10. Accutane - a powerful medication

So there you have it...the top 10 acne treatments available, per our visitors.


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