Acne Scar Skin Care - Great Tips That Help

If your face is covered with acne scars, you need to take special precautions to minimize the potential for further scarring. You need to learn about special acne scar skin care that will help your sensitive skin.

Skin that is damaged by acne scars requires very gentle products. Make sure you choose cleansers or lotions that are not abrasive. If you wash your face too roughly or use abrasive products, your skin will become even more irritated. You should also make sure to use sunscreen that is oil-free whenever you venture outside. Oil-based products will clog your pores even further and make the acne even worse.

Using peels on a regular basis is another way to help reduce acne scarring. Most peels contain a low percentage of salicylic acid which will help to improve your skin condition. You should use a peel 1 to 3 times per week and maintain the regimen over an extended period of time for best results.

In addition to gentle cleaning products, you should use products specifically made for treating acne scars. These items are usually available in cream or gel form and are made to reduce the appearance of your scars. Many cosmetics and health care companies now offer their own brand of products to combat acne scars. You should conduct some research on the internet or ask a dermatologist which product may be right for your particular acne scars.

Some acne scar skin care products may even feature ingredients to help lighten the color of the scars, making them less visible to the eye. For example, products featuring prescription hydroquinone and glycolic acid are available at your local pharmacy. These will reduce the dark brown areas resulting from certain acne scars. You can also try a lightener that is available over-the-counter if your facial discoloration is not as pronounced.

The earlier you begin taking steps to treat your acne scars, the less likelihood you will develop severe permanent scarring later on in life. You can start to use gentle cleansers, oil-free sunscreens, weekly peels and acne treatment creams. With time and effort, your scars should eventually start to fade.


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