Home Remedy Pimples

There are hardly any young in the junior/teenager community who is not afraid of pimple, which is a different problem than acne. It is not a medical problem and if the home remedies can be maintained to fight pimples it is easy to prevent the problem without making any scar or facial skin tone.

Application of garlic paste helps eliminating the problem of pimples and helps further recurrence of these small but painful outgrowths. Consumption of garlic in meal and in the form of supplements helps to reduce the problem of pimples.

Make a combination of cinnamon powder and honey in a smooth paste. You need to apply this combination on the face and you should retain the pack on face overnight.

In the morning you should wash off you face with lukewarm water. This remedy needs to be continued for at least two weeks and in most of the cases pimple problems will be managed for a long time period.

Mix grinded nutmeg and milk, and apply the combination on the pimples; it will help to reduce the recurrence of pimples.

You can make a smooth paste by grinding the orange peel with slight water added in it. Regular application of this paste on the face will help to get rid off the pimples.

Sometimes swelling pimples cause pain and irritation, the juice of raw papaya helps treating this problem efficiently and instantly.

Make a combination of lime juice and rose water in 1:1 proportion and apply it on the pimples. After retaining the remedial combination for 20-25 minutes, needs to be washed off with lukewarm water. This remedy will improve the intensity of pimples.

Potato juice is great remedy for pimple; it is also efficient remedy for whiteheads, curing boils, blackheads, boil and carbuncles.

A combination made with pomegranate seeds and peels in roasted and pasted condition needs to be mixed with lime juice and then need to be applied on the pimple affected place. On regular use of this simple remedy, the pimples will be surly managed. This remedy works efficiently eliminating blackheads, white heads, as well acne and facial boil problems.

Make a smooth paste with fenugreek leaves and water and then you need to apply the same on the pimple affected face. For optimum result retain the application of fenugreek paste overnight and then wash off with arm water in the morning thoroughly.


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