Cystic Acne Treatments

Cystic Acne Treatments
Cystic acne is a result of pores filled with white pus from an excess
amount of sebum in the pores. The oil gland becomes swollen and erupts
under the skin, resulting in red, painful, inflamed lesions.
Infections will result from trying to squeeze them.

There have been many successful accounts by people who have used
natural products to make their own cystic acne treatment.

- Apple Cider Vinegar including two tablespoons morning and evening,
as well as dabbing it all over the face with a cotton ball. Use the
organic brands when possible.

- Virgin Coconut Oil - You can buy this at the health food store, and
hopefully they will have the organic kind. Keep it in the fridge in
order to maintain its freshness and avoid rancid oil. People use it
for weight loss, but it has had success for cystic acne when applied
topically on the face.

- Completing avoiding eggs, gluten and soy has worked successfully in
helping people be rid of cystic acn.e

- Eliminating corn, including popcorn. Who would have thought this
culprit would have any effect but both forms have been identified as a
real problem with cystic acne, which has disappeared after the two
forms of corn were cut off the diet.

- Red Raspberry tea " drink this brew, it is not to be applied

- Tumeric " 1200 mg capsule each day orally. If you apply topically,
your skin will be yellow which is not exactly what is attractive these
days; however it does wash off.

- Panthothenic acid - 10 grams per day. This is also known as B5,
which people do not have enough of in their diets. Supplementing with
a strong multivitamin and mineral that contains high doses of B
vitamins is so important for the skin and panthothenic acid in this
amount has proven very successful.


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