I have been acne-free for over 18 years. My visit that day with Mary
started it. I did as she said, and I did my research. She was completely

I read about various forms of the all-fruit fasts (like apples and grapes),
including one version of an apple fast for many ailments from the 1940s
by Edgar Cayce. Cayce (pronounced “KC”) is considered by many to be

the father of holistic medicine in America. “Decades ago, he was
emphasizing the importance of attitudes, emotions, exercise, and the
patient’s role–physically, mentally, and spiritually–in the treatment of
illness” (quoted at Cayce’s recognition of the
importance of diet foresaw the direction of health care. I read several
doctors’ works on the subject of all-fruit fasts, and they actually
confirmed the results.

For many skin conditions, the fruit diet was a recommended step. In my
research, I have also found that there are several “contributing factors” to

Diet alone did not cure me; neither did all the antibiotics and drugs my
dermatologists offered. Yet, I still conquered it. I found, over the years
through working with other people, that there are three factors that
contribute to acne:

1. Poor elimination of waste from the bowel (primary).

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