Treating acne scar is a harsh task because it usually involves surgery and most do not have the time and money to do that. Laser resurfacing uses light to get rid of or blur the signs of acne scars so that they are less obvious. This can be a successful way to minimize scarring but it is pricey. You will not need one or two treatments but more possible you will need to go at least a dozen times. If you do not have the money to use surgical treatment, home acne scar remedies are the best choice..

I will be revealing you four home remedies to get rid of your acne scar in as little as a month. It generally takes about a month and no shorter. You will need to be consistent and keep applying these home acne scar remedies for fastest result.

1. Use Ice Cube from your own refrigerators.
This is a terrific remedy for short term result and if you're in an emergency. Simply rub ice onto your acne scar for 5 minutes and you should see it less noticeable right away. Doing this everyday does helps in making it less noticeable though.

2. Using Fresh Lemon Juice
Lemon juice will lighten your acne scar for the reason that of it nutrients. Lemon juice has Vitamin C that helps makes your skin look younger, wellbeing and healthier. Simply rub a little lemon juice onto your acne scar everyday for 30 minutes or you can rub on a blend of 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder. You will be able to clear out blackheads.

3. Using Raw Egg White
Whip the egg white and put on acne scar until it dries and after that clean with cool water. The reason egg white effect so well is because it is full of profitable proteins and nutrients. Eggs are the most excellent for your health when it is raw.

4. Using Aloe Vera Juice.
Aloe Vera gel or juice aid prevents scarring when put on fresh wounds. Aloe Vera is a succulent plant so as to you can keep in a pot indoors. So once you pop your acne which you shouldn't, just rub on a little aloe Vera gel onto it. This is excellent for scars and also for healing and put a stop to pimples. You can also apply this for any other small wound as well.

Finally for the conclusion, there are all four best home acne scar remedies you can practice to remove your acne scar. Apply it at night time consistently and you will see outcome in two to three weeks and keep in your mind that acne scar can be removed. You can do it.

Acne scar remedies


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