Acne Cure Through Simple Home Treatments

Acne is one of the most common disorders. It has made its presence
felt globally. It is more of a cosmetic disorder rather than a
physical ailment. Acne can occur anywhere but it is commonly seen on
face, neck and shoulders. It is generally found in people between age
group of 12 to 24 years of age. It has been estimated that almost 80
% of the world's population suffer from acne in one or the other
part of their life.

What causes acne?

Following are the major causes by which acne occurs.

· Hormonal disturbances

· Hereditary causes

· Blocked skin pores

· Improper dietary habits

· Irregular life style

· Constipation

· Menstrual disturbances

Is there any type of acne?

There are three types of acne

(a) Black heads

(b) White heads

(c) Papules or pustules or nodules

How can I get rid of acne?

Below are some home remedies that are very helpful and effective in
treating acne.

1. To reduce the oil formation on face, one should wash his or her
face twice with water mixed with salt.

2. Application of paste made out of fenugreek leaves twice daily for
15 minutes is an excellent remedy to avoid acne.

3. Leaves of strawberry are very effective in reducing the swellings
on the acne spot.

4. Gently massage the affected area with lemon and then face is
thoroughly washed with luke warm water. It is good in reducing the
acne and also retards the inflammation.

5. Fresh juice of lemon is also beneficial when applied on the
affected area.

6. Boil leaves of holy basil (tulsi) for few minutes in water and
leave it over night. It is then applied on the acne to get excellent

7. Application of paste made from orange peel is also a good remedy in
avoiding acne.

8. Juice of aloe-vera plant or the pulp of its leaves is very
effective in accelerating the healing process of acne.

9. Apply ice on the acne before going to bed. You will surely discover
reduced swelling on it in the morning.

10. Mixture of paste made out of mint juice and turmeric powder is
also very powerful agent to heal acne.

11. Rubbing of garlic paste on the pimple will heal it very early
without leaving any scar.

12. One tablespoon of lime juice mixed with equal amount of ground nut
oil is very useful in preventing acne.

13. Juice of raw papaya, when applied on acne give wonderful results.

14. Tomato pure prepared from ripe tomatoes is excellent remedy to
avoid acne.

15. Applying paste made out of the seeds of radish is extremely
beneficial in acne conditions.

16. Apply honey on the acne spot helps in reducing acne if acne is
caused by infection.

17. Grated cucumber should be applied on the acne to get good results.

18. Boiled oat applied on the face for about 10 to 15 minutes is
helpful in suppressing pimples

19. Clean the acne spot each morning by cotton ball soaked in vinegar
over night. It might be sharp to touch initially hence it must be
first tried on hand.

20. Drinking wheat grass juice is very effective in treating acne.

21. Apply paste of curd mixed with oat flour on the acne spot to find
excellent result.

22. Neem paste mixed with turmeric powder is very effective in
treating acne

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Avoid milk. This is because it contains hormones produced by the pregnant cow that is converted by our body into the type of hormone that causes production of oil in the skin pores. - Causes overproduction and blocking of pores.

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