What does it really take to have a acne free face??

There is alot of things that im figuring out helps acne. Such as steaming your face under a towel with a big bowl of hot water , putting toothpaste over the pimples or vinegar over them as well , changing your pillowcase every night , going outside for fresh air and sunshine , scrubbing your face every morning and night, rubbing salt on your face for 30 seconds then taking it off with warm water. Also there are things called Oxy Pads you can buy you use them morning and night and they really seem to help, you can try pro active too it might help and Clearasil or neutrogena stuff. hope it all helps. :]I'm a thirteen year old girl that has moderate acne so I know what you mean.

It's annoying and it's ugly but it takes patience to get rid of.
I had it bad about a year ago but since then I started eating healthier!
Exterior hygiene is important as well as interior, which is what matters.

Some people are just stuck with acne.
If you are seeing a derm, and are on medication and still have acne,
it could be genes. Like some people eat healthy but if they have a fat family, they're more likely to be fat. Or have a bigger bone structure. Lmao, I know that had nothing to do with this but it's true and it makes sense.

But seriously, sometimes it'll take years to clear up.
Just keep doing what you're doing - and wash your face everyday.
It'll eventually dissapear.


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