How do you get rid of blackheads?

Just wash your face every single day I've heard that proactive is bad for people, don't waste your money on those. Wash your face before you go to sleep and in the morning. Trust me it helps, when you take a shower get those things that you scrub your body with and scrub your face with it. It might be dirt.I take an exfoliating wash cloth in one hand, then stetch my skin slightly (So the pores open) with my other hand.
Then I exfoliate the stretched pores and all the blackheads are scrubbed out.
It works great, espcially on the nose! :D
Anything by clean and clear also should have a whole skin care regimen. a gentle scrub, a cleaser, a toner, a good moisturizer, and occasionally a mask.
i have sensitive skin so i use burt's bees' skin care products. my skin has never looked so amazing.heyy
you need to wash your face everynight without fail with a decent cleanser and moisturise, also buy a blackhead cleanser which are very common and a little secret is that the natural cytrus in lemons helps your pores exfoliate so buy some lemo cut it into a small piece and rub agaist your nose before going to bed.. for a better smell add rose water!


Anonymous said...

Your exactly right! In the morning i wash my face with Clean and clear. I gently scrub my face . Then i lay a luke warm water cloth onto my face .This opens up the pores. Then i take bakingsoda which is mixed with a bit of rubbing alcohal and leave that on my skin for 20 seconds. Then i rinse it off with cold water. I then place the Clean and Clear lotion onto my face and it drys my skin up a tinybit(like a mask) that you leave on till morning. this helps dry up acne and oils. & THERE you go, my acne is all gone and my pores are tinier.

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