Acne & Pimple Solution and Tips for Problematic Skin

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About 85% of the population faced with a problem as pimples, minor rashes on the skin, acne. Most people suffer a form of acne in which there are rashes on the skin face, neck, shoulders, back and neck.

Most doctors and dermatologists believe that acne, pimples, various rashes and redness of skin had nothing to do with what we eat. However, some of them think that all there is a direct correlation to how, and that every day we eat and the condition of our skin.

In this article we propose a version of a diet, and gives some tips for- acne - those with problematic skin.

1. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
Include in your daily diet of more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. You can consume all of this in the form of mousses, fresh juice or salad. But remember, these products should be exist every day! You can eat fruits, vegetables and nuts are not necessarily as a main dish, but as a snack or side dish. Please note that Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds - it's just a real death for acne and all sorts of rashes, because they contain selenium (in Brazil nuts) and zinc (pumpkin seeds). As a rule, namely the lack of these substances and leads to problems with the skin.

2.Food rich in protein
Most of us do not dopoluchaet foods rich in protein. But it is the protein responsible for the condition of hair, color, freshness and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, high-quality protein and low - an excellent choice! Eat chicken, fish and shellfish. However, it should be very careful with the red meat because it can provoke inflammation, and rash in people with problematic skin. Every day should be consumed with food 100 g of protein.

3. It should reduce the consumption of dairy products -acne solution-
Dairy products are slow to digest our body, in addition, they are acidifying products. The state of the skin associated with the state of our internal organs. . If our body is trying to digest food, is very rich in protein of animal origin, our bodies do not cope very well with breeding waste products from the body, and, hence, the waste will be displayed through the skin in the form of acne. In addition, dairy products, as well as red meat, contain large amounts of hormones, which would be redundant for people with problem skin and can also trigger acne.

4. It should reduce the consumption of caffeine
Caffeine increases the amount of stress hormones and are therefore also able to cause acne. Drink less coffee, tea, chocolate and other beverages containing caffeine.Tea you can easily substitute herbal teas that do not contain caffeine.

5. Water
Try to drink as much water every day. It should drink 2-3 liters of water daily. Acne (as well as the plugging of pores and rash) may occur due to dehydration of skin.

6. Minimized the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates
Recent studies have shown that consumption of pure carbohydrates (which Baton, pasta, rice, flour) and sugar leads to increased insulin and IGF (insulin-like growth factor) - 1 factor. This may lead to an increase in the body of male hormones, which contribute to blocked pores, the appearance of spots, etc.

7. The complex of vitamins and minerals
Always difficult to get food all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients responsible for the condition of our skin. And even if we will carefully monitor diet, and regularly eating the "right" foods, we are still not immune from acne. And one reason may be a long use of antibiotics. Therefore, even taking extra helpful with food additives, micronutrients.

8. Eat honey, onions, artichokes and bananas
This contributes to the reproduction of food "good" bacteria in the body. Especially useful to use a meal after a long use of antibiotics, which are known to violate the bacterial environment in the stomach.


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I began getting acne at the age of 26 and I am still suffering from it when I am 28. Is it a hormonal imbalance?


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