Acne Healing Tips: Zinc

Acne Healing Tips: Zinc

Zinc, A Key To Acne Healing

Zinc plays an important role in acne healing and it main properties are healing, regenerating, anti inflammatory and it helps in strengthening the immune system too. It is essential mineral for maintaining our health and also helps greatly in skin care.

In acne cases, there is damage in the skin tissue and zinc can help to regenerate skin tissue. By having adequate amount of zinc in the body, healing processes for acne can improve significantly. Zinc helps in the production of collagen and also ensure proper functioning of enzymes that are essential for repairing the skin after a wound such as acne.

Zinc can help deal with oily skin problems and also act as an anti-inflammatory due to its astringent qualities. There are also research that show that zinc deficiency might actually cause acne. Zinc may help to heal acne with its anti inflammatory and astringent qualities as it can help to heal breakouts.
Food With Zinc

Some sources where you can natural zinc is from…

1. Beans
2. Cashews
3. Raisin Brans
4. Almonds
5. Peas
6. Oatmeals
7. Blackberries
8. Kiwis
9. Corn
10. Sweet Potatoes

Zinc helps to strengthen our immune system and plays an important role in maintaining our body functions. In skin care, zinc helps to regenerate our skin tissue and also help to ensure that we have a healthy cell turnover.


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