get rid of acne
The easiest way to get rid of acne fast is to make sure it does not develop in the first place.Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy.Wash well.

Wash only once or twice a day. Wash only once or twice a day. For sensitive skin, use a mild cleanser or soap, these are usually labeled "for sensitive skin.Rub lightly with your fingertips and warm water, do not use towels for washing.If your skin is oily try using a soap of benzoyl peroxide for its drying properties.

Beware of oily products. These can be acne creams, hair oils, moisturizing acne creams based on heavy oil and even as acne creams cleanser for oily skin.

Use water-based makeup. Check the label to verify its composition
. If the label is unclear, use this method:

How do I tell if my makeup is based on water?

In a small bowl pour some water, then dust a little makeup.If makeup is dissolved in water is based.Otherwise this is formed by oil.

Do not worry about a regime further, chocolate, dried fruit and other foods, have not proven to have a relationship to acne.However if you consume a food and has an outbreak of acne, stop consuming it.

Be careful with the iodine.This advice is controversial, some doctors for the high levels of iodine found in certain vitamins and iodized salt can promote acne

Get rid of acne fast, how to get rid of acne


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i hate acne and is never going to change so because i have to red spots now by my nose and i hope it gets off by my b day

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