Multi-Lift Technique to Treat ACNE SCARS

Multi-Lift Technique to Treat ACNE SCARS

Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, a cosmetic dermatologist in NJ uses an unique approach called the 'Multi-Lift Technique' to treat acne scars. Multi – lift technique is a combination of various scar removal procedures to successfully remove acne scars.

This method involves injecting a high concentration of Trichlorocetic acid ( TCA ) into the scar. This stimulates collagen production which makes the scar to come up and close.

b. Subcision
An approach to remove scars, performed under local anesthesia and this technique uses a tiny scalpel or needle to lift acne scar to the surface of the skin. Then the surface is elevated with wound repair process. For complete cure, required multiple treatments.

c. Restylane(r) & Silicon fillers
Some dermal fillers aid and effectively cures the scar with minimum reaction. The fillers when injected into the scars will give a smooth appearance of the skin. However the silicon fillers need to be used every 6 months.

d. Scar Excision
The deeper scars can be treated with a procedure called Scar Excision. This procedure involves in removing the scar with a scalpel under local anesthesia and then the edges of the skin are sutured together.

e. Erbium YAG or CO2 laser
Skin lasers are used to remove scar's surface by removing skin layer by layer and the light generated from the laser makes the skin tighten.

f. Chemical peels
For removing mild scars chemical peels are used. In this procedure various acids are applied to the skin for getting a smooth layer by removing the top one.



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